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About Us

We provide creative solutions to our clients.

A brand is a design, name or identity that is given to a product or service in order to differentiate it from its competitors.

Brands, like people can be attributed with “personalities” as they possess, to some degree, specific distinguishing, and possibly unique, features.

Central to the issue of profitably managing a brand is the need for it to be clearly and consistently positioned in the market. This needs constant development to ensure that the brand remains dynamic and holds its place relative to its competitors. However, once established, brands can exert a powerful influence on overall strategy and ultimate success.
– Jeremy Kourdi

We combine vision and focus to create a unique package that not only suites current trends, but sees the client as a forerunner.

By identifying and addressing the clients niche marketing needs, we undertake to provide a personalised professional service that can yield positive results.

We are proudly South African, 100% Black, female owned.

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